About Michael J. Vlach

Michael J Vlach, Ph.D. is Professor of Theology at Shepherds Theological Seminary in Cary, NC. He also taught theology at The Master's Seminary in Sun Valley, CA for fifteen years and was Managing Editor of The Master's Seminary Journal. Dr. Vlach also taught Philosophy and World Religions at Southeast Community College in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Dr. Vlach has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, a Master of Divinity degree from The Master’s Seminary, and a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Vlach was awarded the 2008 Franz Delitzsch Prize for his dissertation, “The Church as a Replacement of Israel: An Analysis of Supersessionism.”

A regular conference speaker, Dr. Vlach is most known for his books, Has the Church Replaced Israel: A Theological Evaluation (B&H), and He Will Reign Forever: A Biblical Theology of the Kingdom of God (Lampion). 

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