This 20,000-word booklet is a summary and critique of the seven major Christian views concerning how the New Testament uses and quotes the Old Testament. Each position is explained with documentation. Also, questions and objections for each view are offered. There are also test cases where it is shown how the various positions address hard cases of NT use of the OT, including Matthew 2:15/Hosea 11:1 and others. This booklet does not solve the NT use of the OT problem and issue, but it does offer a unique summary of all the major Christian approaches as a basis for further study of this issue. It also interacts with the writings of Walter C. Kaiser, Jr., Greg K. Beale, Darrell L. Bock, Robert L. Thomas, Richard N. Longenecker, Peter Enns, Douglas Moo, J. I. Packer, S. Lewis Johnson Jr., and others. The book is authored by Michael J. Vlach, Professor of Theology at The Master's Seminary and Editor of The Master's Seminary Journal. Michael regularly teaches a course on NT use of the OT and has presented a paper at the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society on this topic.

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