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Do you desire to learn more about what the Bible says about future events, but can't find a learning method that works for you?

YouTube is great but there's no structure, making it impossible to get quality information from YouTube alone.

Seminary is a fantastic option for those who have the time and money, but not everyone can go to seminary.

That's why we designed this video course, Biblical Eschatology: What the Bible Teaches about Future Events.

This is a seminary-level introduction to the key events, issues, and themes associated with biblical eschatology, which is the study of the Last Things in Scripture.

Topics covered include: The Rapture, Tribulation Period, Day of the Lord, career of the Antichrist, Second Coming of Jesus, Resurrections, Judgments, the Millennium, Eternal State, Heaven, Hell, the New Earth, Rapture views, Millennial Views, Israel and the Church in prophecy, and more.

With 20 years experience of teaching Eschatology at three seminaries, Michael J. Vlach, Ph.D. brings an Eschatology course experience to you at half the price of comparable seminary-level video courses of similar length.

Whether in the comfort of your own home, or as part of a small group, this course brings you the foundational elements of biblical eschatology in an understandable way.

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✓ 18 Hours of Packed Seminary-Level Video Content

The videos, visual aids, assignments, and discussion questions are specifically designed for this course. No lectures originally intended for a different audience

✓ Continuing Access

Continual access to the course, including updates, for one low purchase of $249.99.  Less than half the cost of comparable seminary-level video courses of similar length

(30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee)

✓ Unique Slides, Charts, and Images for Your Personal Use

Strong visuals! Enjoy hundreds of informative slides and images, as well as dozens of charts designed specifically for this course

✓ Scripture Readings and Discussion Questions for Each Video

Specially designed Scripture reading assignments before each video, and discussion questions after each video session to enhance learning and retention

✓ Pacing / Schedule Guide

Set your own schedule and pace based on your needs, or consider suggested schedules. (NOTE: One purchase covers entire group) 

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Who is Michael J. Vlach?


Dr. Vlach is Professor of Theology at Shepherds Theological Seminary in Cary, NC.  From 2006-21, he was Professor of Theology at The Master's Seminary, in Sun Valley, CA where he was Managing Editor for The Master's Seminary Journal.  Dr. Vlach also is Assistant Professor at John W. Rawlings School of Divinity at Liberty University, in Lynchburg, VA. In addition, Dr. Vlach is on the Board of Directors for the Pre-Trib Research Center.

Dr. Vlach earned a  Master of Divinity degree from The Master’s Seminary, in Sun Valley, CA (1995), and a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC (2004). 

A regular conference speaker, Dr. Vlach is most known for his books, Has the Church Replaced Israel: A Theological Evaluation (B&H); He Will Reign Forever: A Biblical Theology of the Kingdom of God (Lampion); and The New Creation Model: A Paradigm for Discovering God's Restoration Purposes from Creation to New Creation (Theological Studies Press).

Specialties of Dr. Vlach include:
  • Israel and the Church
  • Eschatology
  • Kingdom of God
  • Dispensationalism
  • New Testament Use of the Old Testament

What's Inside Biblical Eschatology?


Module One: Introductory Issues
  • Eschatology Explained
  • Bible Interpretation and Eschatology
  • Jesus and Eschatology
  • Futurism and the Timing of Bible Prophecy Fulfillment
  • Survey of Coming Prophetic Events
Module 2: Israel and the Church in Eschatology
  • Israel’s Place in Eschatology
  • The Church’s Place in Eschatology
Module 3: Personal Eschatology
  • Death: An Eschatological Perspective
  • The Intermediate State
  • Heaven and the New Earth
  • Sheol and Hades
  • Hell
Module 4: The Seventieth Week of Daniel
  • Seventy Weeks of Daniel (Daniel 9:24-27)
  • Day of the Lord
  • The Antichrist
Module 5: The Rapture
  • The Rapture Explained
  • 4 Rapture Views
  • A Case for a Pretribulational Rapture
  • Answering Objections to the Pretribulational Rapture View
Module 6: The Olivet Discourse and the Second Coming
  • Introduction to the Olivet Discourse
  • Signs of Jesus’ Coming in Matt 24:4-31
  • Readiness for Jesus’ Coming: Matt 24 and 25
  • Luke 21 and the Destruction of Jerusalem
  • The Second Coming of Jesus to Earth
Module 7: The Millennial Kingdom
  • The Millennial Kingdom Explained
  • Premillennialism Explained
  • A Case and Rationale for Premillennialism
Module 8: Millennial Views Compared and Explained
  • The 3 Forms of Premillennialism Explained
  • Amillennialism Explained
  • Postmillennialism Explained
  • The 3 Millennial Views Compared Side-by-Side
Module 9: Resurrections and Judgments
  • The Resurrection Program
  • The Judgment Program
  • Tartarus and the Abyss
Module 10: The Eternal Kingdom
  • Satan’s Final Revolt and Great White Throne Judgment
  • The Eternal State (Part 1)
  • The Eternal State (Part 2)

Course Sample Video (4:43)


Ready to expand your end-times knowledge with an easy, step-by-step method with a leading expert in biblical eschatology?